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Infinity mirrors are two sets of mirrors that are parallel to each other with a string of lights sandwiched between them, which creates an aspiration of infinities! However, you have to have the correct type of mirrors or else the infinity effect won’t work.

Infinity mirrors are easy and satisfying to create!

Within this website, you will find lots of information about infinity mirrors! You will learn how to make one, what types of projects you can do with them, the history behind infinity mirrors, the science behind them, and so much more!

So, it’s time to put on your lab coat and follow us into the light-filled abyss!

What are infinity mirrors used for?

An infinity mirror is an optical illusion created by placing lights (we prefer to use LED) between a standard mirror and a two way mirror. There are many different types of two way mirrors, which we will cover in the website.

Infinity mirrors are used for many purposes such as aesthetic pleasure, art, science projects, at-home creations, or just for fun! Embedded throughout the pages and posts are links to YouTube videos that will give you a more visual idea of what you can do with an infinity mirror in your own space. Enjoy!

Infinity Mirror Materials

What is a Two Way Mirror?

A glass two way mirror is 70% reflective, and 11% transparent for optimal privacy. It is flatter than acrylic, and durable. Since one side is transparent, you can see through it while the other side looks like a regular, reflective mirror. The privacy can be further enhanced by applying a semi-opaque window tint to the glass side.

There are also acrylic two way mirrors. These can come in a variety of colors, and are more lightweight.

If you ever wanna test a mirror to see if it’s transparent, what you need to do is block the light around you and try to peer through. A bright flashlight can help illuminate anything that might be behind the mirror. 

You can also test to see if a mirror is a two way mirror by doing the fingernail test.

Click on the video below to get a better understanding of the fingernail test!

What is a standard mirror?

A standard mirror is just like the mirror hanging over your bathroom sink, which is a sheet of glass holding up an extremely thin layer of reflective metal. 

The metal comes in the form of a metallic salt known as silver nitrate which can be dissolved in liquid and sprayed onto the glass in a process called silvering. That’s because silver nitrate was the first stuff used for this process. These days, most mirrors are actually silvered with aluminum which is cheaper and sturdier. Ordinary mirrors are back painted to prevent oxidation, which wouldn’t work with a two way mirror. They’re coated with a dielectric layer which prevents tarnishing. 

But silvering doesn’t make perfect mirrors, they reflect most light, but a little is still transmitted through infinitesimal gaps in the reflective middle layer. 

So, everyday mirrors receive an opaque backing like dark paint.

This stops any photons that slip through the metal layer and protects it from scratches. Without the backing, you’d be able to faintly see the wall behind the mirror. 

Where can you find materials for infinity mirrors?

Click on the following links to help you decide on where to look for materials!

Examples of some of our infinity mirrors!

This video will help you decide on which glass you prefer when creating your own infinity mirror, while also seeing some of the Two Way Mirror’s creations!

Two Way Mirrors Custom Infinity Mirrors

I hope you have fun scrolling around our website! We have plenty of Blogs and useful tips and tricks for you! Enjoy!

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