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What can you do with an infinity mirror?

So, the infinity mirror caught your eye and now you want to know what it’s capable of? GREAT! There are lots of unique possibilities you can do with an infinity mirror. Here are some examples that we have created for clients!

Infinity mirrors are already cool and unique, but adding color!? It can’t get any better! Above is a picture of an infinity mirror using all the shades of our acrylic glass. It gives the room depth, and you can use the colors to match a certain style.

Board Games with Infinity Mirrors

Are you a gamer? You can also customize your own chess set by acid etching the white squares into the infinity mirror! It may not fold up and be the most portable game, but it will bring a whole new dimension to a well-loved brain strategy. You can also add your own customized frame! Where can you get beautiful frames to match your chess set? Click here!

You can turn just about any board game into an infinity mirror. For example, the squares on the chess set were created by acid etching. If you have a steady hand and some creativity anything is possible. Print out a template of the board, and etch the design onto it! You could do Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Scrabble, Chutes and Ladders, Checkers, and even Twister (you would have to use tempered glass, so no one falls thorough.) Any game that the board doesn’t change can be used (for example, I wouldn’t recommend Mouse Trap, Guess Who, or Operation).

Board Game Ideas

  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Monopoly
  • Sorry
  • Clue
  • Checkers
  • Risk
  • Candy Land
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Chutes and Ladders

Art and Decorations

Maybe you have a symbol or item you absolutely love! Pumpkins, coffee, quotes, animals, etc. and you want it on an infinity mirror to give it more personality. Well, IT’S POSSIBLE! All you have to do is remove the Two Way Mirror coating to your design (your choice of how you with to do it; sandblasting, acid etching, adding vinyl, painting, etc) before you put the infinity mirror together. However, in our Pumpkin example, we removed it from the Pemberton mirror.

For example, in the Pumpkin Infinity Mirror above, the pumpkin was created by sandblasting. This specific infinity mirror was created with three types of mirrors. On the back a standard mirror, then a Pemberton mirror, then the two way mirror. We sandblasted the pumpkin onto the Pemberton glass (on the mirror side), then once that was completed we created the infinity mirror.

Want to learn more about sandblasting, and how to sandblast a mirror? Watch this step-by-step video!


Maybe you don’t want something small and simple. If you want to think BIG, how about an infinity TABLE!? There are many outcomes you could use an infinity table for. Beer pong, a romantic dinner, space themed parties, placing candles on it while meditating, and anything else you can think of! Also, during a regular day, you have a piece of art within a table that is simply beautiful to look at.

Science fiction fan? You could also create a portal mirror and travel to a different dimension!

Do you love aquariums? If so, you know that some aquariums are made out of glass! Therefore, you can even make your own INFINITY MIRROR AQUARIUM! (I would advise making sure it’s suitable for the type of fish you own, first. We don’t want to stress them out.) Below are a few video ideas of how you can build you beloved fish a new home!

Here is the website that gives you more information on the above video: FishForums

Maybe it’s time for a change in your home… It’s easy to lose track of time, but that will change if you add an infinity mirror clock to your home! You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it!

Two way mirror film can be added to any glass surface, so the possibilities of infinity mirrors are endless. Each type of glass (and film) will have different effects! I recommend watching the Infinity Mirror Guide: How To Choose the Perfect Glass to help you decide which glass is best for your project. Now, let’s get started! Infinity cube? Ceiling? Car lights? Maybe even a refrigerator? What will it be?

 What would you do with an infinity mirror? Tell us in the comments!

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