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Amazing Science Behind Infinity Mirrors (2020)

SCIENCE!!!! Now it’s time to uncover the science behind infinity mirrors, and how they work.


First, we need to know the materials to explain the science.




  • Standard Mirror
  • Two Way Mirror
  • LED Lights


When you place the standard mirror on the bottom, with the reflective side facing the ceiling, you are allowing the light beams to bounce immediately off of the reflective surface.

How To Make An Infinity Mirror

In between the standard mirror and the two way mirror, you place the LED lights.

The two way mirror is placed on top, with the transparent side facing the ceiling. This allows the beams of light to bounce from each reflected surface, while slightly escaping through the transparent side for the viewer to see the infinity illusion.

It is important to place the transparent side on top, or else the beams of light won’t be able to bounce or escape. They need to bounce off of each reflective side, then escape through the transparent side.

For more information on the science behind infinity mirrors, watch the following video!

 Also, you can check out this website!


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Yayoi Kusama

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