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Captivating Mirror Illusions You Can Use with Beamsplitter Glass (2020)

Infinity mirrors are SO COOL! But, what other mirror illusions can you create with the same types of mirrors?

There are many optical illusions you can create using mirrors. Common places that use optical illusions consist of haunted houses, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Magic Shows, Movie Making, and many more!

One optical mirror illusion that is common is the Pepper’s Ghost illusion. The Pepper’s Ghost illusion is where you are able to produce a ghost-like apparition in front of the audience using a piece of glass, a “ghost”, and a black background.

How do you achieve this effect? It’s easy!

First, you’ll need a stage that is brightly lit in front of an audience.

Then, the “ghost” is located on the side in another room. The “ghost” room. This room has a black background, so the ghost is the only aspect that is visible from the room.

Place the optical Beamsplitter glass at a 45 Degree angle, which will reflect the “ghost” and show it on the stage. The illusion is that the audience can’t see the glass, so they don’t know how the ghost is on stage.

Below is a video that illustrates how to create a Pepper’s Ghost illusion, shows and example, and describes how the illusion is used in modern day technology.

Pepper's Ghost Illusion (2019) How To Make A Hologram

Videos and Examples:

For more information on the Pepper’s Ghost Mirror Illusion, watch the following video that demonstrates the science behind the illusion, and provides examples.

LEGO Pepper's Ghost Illusion

Pepper's Ghost: How Dead Celebrities are Being Recreated as Realistic Holograms

An Example of the Peppers Ghost Illusion using Video Projection

Have you heard of the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion before? If so, tell us about it in the comments! 

One of the most popular Pepper’s Ghost Illusions is Coachella 2012 when they brought Tupac up on stage…………Almost 20 years AFTER his death. How did they do this? By placing a film at an angle between the crowd and the stage! Pepper’s Ghost! Tupac’s Ghost?

To see this performance, watch the video below!

Coachella 2012 Pepper's Ghost Illusion

The people who worked on this illusion were able to take bits from past performances, and work on it to make Tupac interactive with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre on stage, as if he was actually there!

If you would like to read more about the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion, check out this website!

Pepper’s Ghost Illusion

There are many mirror illusions you can create with glass. For more examples, watch the following video! It will give you ideas of how to use optical mirrors for creative projects.

Tell us about what Optical Illusions you’re interested in! Leave us a comment, challenge, information, or even a project you’re working on!

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