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How to Make an Infinity Mirror [2020]

New Video: How to Make an Infinity Mirror [2019]

Today, we are going to show you how to make an infinity mirror! There are many different projects you can work on and create! We are also introducing our new video “How To Make An Infinity Mirror (2019) Top DIY Projects”. In this video we demonstrate different styles and types of infinity mirrors we have, as well as how different types of glass can affect the infinity mirror aesthetic. This step-by-step tutorial will help you decide what you will want to do with your very own infinity mirror!

You can use them for aesthetic pleasure in your home, restaurant, local shop, a ceiling, or wherever you feel the need to put one. Infinity mirrors can bring a unique feel to any room. Whether you want it to be a SCI-FI feeling, a trippy illusion, or simply a topic of conversation.

This Blog is designed to help unravel the equipment, content, and projects within the new “How To Make An Infinity Mirror (2019) Top DIY Projects” video! So, feel free to read and then watch, to watch and then read, or to do both at the same time!

So, have you ever thought about making one? Well, TODAY IS THE DAY with our NEW video! (and this blog post will help you a lot, too)

This blog post will go through some of our video details. For more information, be sure to watch the video!

Infinity mirrors are an optical illusion created by placing lights between a regular mirror and a two way mirror, which is also commonly called a “one way mirror.” They can be created using two way mirror glass, acrylic, or even a special film.

It is a perfect DIY project to create your own infinity mirror, and as a result you get a high tech home decor piece that looks truly amazing.

How can you achieve this effect?

Simply combine a two way mirror with a standard mirror and throw LED lighting between them. The beams of light will bounce between the reflective surfaces, thus giving the infinity effect.

How To Make An Infinity Mirror
An infinity mirror is created by placing LED lighting between a two way mirror and a regular mirror.

As you can see in the photo above, the fairy lights between the two pieces of glass creates a tunnel-like infinity effect.

This is the usual set up, a standard mirror, a glass two way, and an LED light strip between the mirrors. The great thing about our glass two way mirror is that it is actually a one-directional mirror. So, when it is installed in this orientation, you can see into the mirror without getting much of a ghosting or mirrored effect from the glass two way bouncing back.

What can YOU do with an infinity mirror?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert designer or architect to create some of these mystical illusions. You can create a clock, chess set, portal, art installation, home decoration, or whatever else you have in mind.

Below are some video ideas of what you can do with an infinity mirror, or how to handcraft some of the glass to personalize your infinity mirror even MORE!

Projects, Projects, PROJECTS!!!

We LOVE DIY! Here are a few projects that we created that might inspire you! These projects, and more, can be found in our new “How to Make an Infinity Mirror” YouTube video!

Infinity Table
A desk off of Amazon that was re-created using a two way mirror, LED lights, and a standard mirror.

We created a cheap but awesome infinity mirror table we made from a desk off amazon. We replaced the glass tabletop with a tempered 2-way mirror and added a mirror underneath with LED lights to complete the effect.

Infinity Chess Set
A chess set that has the infinity effect by using LED lights, a copper magnetic field, a two way mirror, and a regular mirror.

We also have this amazing chess set, which I personally love. It is made from a beamsplitter glass, and the squares are handcrafted using our sandblaster. This gives us the infinity effect, as well as our own extra personal touch.

Interested in what else is possible? Check out our new video, as well as the rest of this website! We are constantly creating, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and come back here!

Infinity mirrors bring a sleek, mysterious, sci-fi style to any room. They can be a cool optical illusion on a wall in a haunted house or man cave. Add a cool geek style to a dungeons & dragons game room, infinity mirror beer pong tables, chess sets. Just don’t spill beer all over your electronics!

You can use an infinity mirror for a science project, tail lights, maybe even a really cool guitar.

There are many projects, types of mirrors, and ideas within the video. I hope it helps you set a spark to your own idea!

We have A LOT more of our creations to show you, but we will keep it to two in this blog. For more, watch our video and check out our YouTube channel!

Where else can you see infinity mirror art installations?

You can find mirror art installations in many different locations. One location being the Toledo Museum of Art.

Infinity Mirror Imagination Station
Art installation in the Toledo Imagination Station
Imagination Station
Art installation in the Toledo Imagination Station

These photos show a glass exhibition where you climb under the triangle of mirrors, and suddenly you’re trapped in infinity. How cool! A multiverse of YOU!

Types of Two Way Mirrors for Your Infinity Mirror

Glass Two Way Mirror

You can use a glass two way mirror, which is ideal because it’s reflective in only one direction, and see-thru from the other side. Tempering allows it to be used as a tabletop without breaking. The glass is rated for both indoor and outdoor use and has a highly durable coating which can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner and paper towels.

Two Way Mirror Hide Camcorder
Front side of a glass two way mirror with a camcorder behind. Testing the reflectivity and the light transmission through the mirror. Standard two way mirrors has a seventy percent reflection with an eleven percent light transmission on a dark bronze substrate. Perfect for Smart Mirrors, security applications, mirror tv's and more.

Acrylic Two Way Mirror

Also, there is an acrylic two way mirror. This mirror is shatter proof, great for applications where you want to see your reflection, while simultaneously seeing the infinity mirror. Also, there are a variety of colors you can choose from!!!

Acrylic Colors
Acrylic Two Way Mirror colors we offer.

There is a huge misconception that higher transparency will mean brighter lights.

You can find other mirror types on our Homepage!

Where can you buy Two Way Mirrors? From Two Way Mirrors!

Visit the website for more information:

Need more ideas?

Still need a better of idea of which glass to choose for your infinity mirror? The following video will give you a closer look on the types of glass you can choose for your own infinity creation!

I hope this Blog post helped you understand the innovative ways you can use mirrors, and how cool and fascinating infinity mirrors are.

For more information, visit our YouTube channels or follow us on social media!

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