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How Can You Simply Detect a Two Way Mirror? (2020)

Have you ever wondered about Two Way Mirrors? How to test them, and see if they’re around you? Well, I’m here to teach you how to detect a two way mirror!

This Blog post will be short and to the point! Testing to see if it’s a Two Way Mirror is simple, easy, and effective.

Step One:

Place your finger to the mirror that you see.

Step Two:

If you see a space between your finger and it’s reflection, than it is a standard mirror. Not a two way mirror.

Step Three:

If you DON’T see a space between your finger and it’s reflection, than that means it is a two way mirror!

It’s as easy as that. It takes SECONDS to determine if it’s a two way mirror, or a regular mirror.

This is important information to know whether you’re building a project and you want to know if that’s the correct type of mirror, or, even for personal safety. Knowing how to detect a two way mirror will come handy in any situation.

For an easy to remember phrase for detecting two way mirrors, think of “If there’s no space, leave this place.”

Extended Resources:

For more information about detecting Two Way Mirrors, watch the following video!

Fingernail Test

Depending on how you choose to use the Two Way Mirror, it can also provide a lot of privacy. Check out the following video about a bathroom on the sidewalk in New York!

Would you use this see-through toilet?

Learn more about Two Way Mirrors here: Detecting Two Way Mirrors

We also have another blog about Two Way Mirrors! Check it out here: How Does a Two Way Mirror Work?

Where have you seen a Two Way Mirror? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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