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An infinity mirror is an optical illusion that uses a standard mirror, LED lights, and a two way mirror. Infinity mirrors are mysterious and eye catching! They are great conversation starters, as well as beautiful art installations. What’s even better? The fact that you can make your own from scratch!

What Is An Infinity Mirror Made Of?

We are excited to help you through the journey of creating your own!

Two Way Mirror Hide Camcorder

Two Way Mirror

Every infinity mirror uses a semi-transparent mirror. A glass Two-Way mirror works well since it is 70% reflective, and 11% transparent.

Purchase the Glass Two Way Mirror:

LED Lights

Many infinity illusions utilize LED light strips as its light source.

Standard Mirror

Your average, standard mirror. The same type of mirrors that go above your bathroom sink, living room, hallway, etc.

Purchase a First Surface Mirror:

There you have it! The three main ingredients to creating an infinity mirror.

You can use an infinity mirror for any idea you can create! Even clothing!

Purchased from, the infinity dress is a fun and exciting outfit to wear for many occasions! Raves, clubs, parties, Halloween, and more! We bought the dress, and did an exclusive review! Check it out here!

From the same company as the infinity mirror dress, they offer an infinity mirror vest as well! In this video, you get to see the vest in action, but also a detailed review of the product.

Infinity Mirror Diagram
Diagram of how to create an infinity mirror.

How to Turn Any Room into Another Dimension in 4 Easy Steps!

First, what is an Infinity Mirror?

Infinity mirrors are two sets of mirrors that are parallel to each other with a string of lights sandwiched between them, which creates an aspiration of infinities!

However, you have to have the correct type of mirrors or else the infinity effect won’t work.

Infinity mirrors are easy and satisfying to create!

Within this website, you will find lots of information about infinity mirrors! You will learn how to make one, what types of projects you can do with them, the history behind infinity mirrors, the science behind them, and so much more!

So, it’s time to put on your lab coat and follow us into the light-filled abyss!

What are infinity mirrors used for?

An infinity mirror is an optical illusion created by placing lights (we prefer to use LED) between a standard mirror and a two way mirror.

There are many different types of two way mirrors, which we will cover in the website.

Infinity mirrors are used for many purposes such as aesthetic pleasure, art, science projects, at-home creations, or just for fun!

Embedded throughout the pages and posts are links to YouTube videos that will give you a more visual idea of what you can do with an infinity mirror in your own space. Enjoy!

A Few Examples of Our Infinity Illusions!

We have an abundance of information for YOU! From videos, GIF’s, illustrations, to detailed written information. I hope you receive that spark of creativity you were looking for! Let’s get started! Enjoy!

We are always here to help!

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